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Day Trip from London: Oxford

Oxford is an easy to get to and fun day trip from London.  It is about an hour train ride from London Paddington.  You can also take a bus as it is cheaper, but recommend taking the train for saving time.
An easy day trip out of London

An easy day trip out of London

Oxford is a city that has about 150,000 people living in it.  It does feel like a city with lots of people and traffic.  The University of Oxford has been around since about 1100.  There are 38 colleges at Oxford that are spread around the town.  Be sure to get a map of the colleges and print it before you go. There are many colleges that you can walk around in, although some do charge a fee to go in.  The must see one is Christ Church College.  This is where scenes from Harry Potter was filmed and Louis Carroll was when he met a little girl named Alice.  There is a Cathedral here where John Wesley was ordained.  The church choir is world famous if you get a chance to hear them, do it.   I heard them in London at the Royal Albert Hall and it was amazing.  You can spend quite a bit of time here so make this a priority.
I expect to see Harry Potter and friends at the top of this staircase. This is at Christ Church College

I expected to see Harry Potter and friends at the top of this staircase. This is at Christ Church College

Christ Church cottage

Christ Church College your number one priory of sight seeing in Oxford

Another priority of Oxford is seeing the Old Bodleian Library.  This beautiful library is the largest University Library in the UK and was founded in 1602.  Make sure that you visit the Divinity School which was founded in 1488.  It is the University's first purpose built teaching room, and its first examination hall.  It is very ornate and beautiful, there is a small fee and you can take photos.
A visit to the Divinity School is a must

A visit to the Divinity School is a must

One of the great highlights of Oxford is walking around the town itself.  It is incredibly historic and I enjoy walking around, getting off the main roads and thinking about all the people who have gone through this town. Lastly, make sure that you go into the Eagle and Child Pub that is on St. Giles street and will be on any map that you have.  The Eagle and Child Pub is owned by the college and has been around from at least the 17th century.  What made it famous in the 20th century is that it was the home of the Inklings which was a literary group that included C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Toklien.  The main purpose of this group was to read the literature that they were writing.  They would meet on Tuesdays for lunch at this pub.  Take some time and get a pint or some food here.  It is a neat experience.
The Eagle of the Child, home of the Inklings

The Eagle and Child, home of the Inklings