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Preparing for something to go wrong

While with a well planned vacation, most likely you are going to have a smooth trip, but once in a while, something can go wrong.  Here are some tips on preventing something to go wrong and preparing so that you can lessen the effects if it happens.   1.  Dealing with theft While uncommon, theft has happened so there are some tips you can do so that you can possible prevent theft.
  • Divide Money between three places:  If you spread your money and credit cards between three places on your body, then if you do get robbed, it won't be devastating.
  • Carry a fake wallet:  If you carry a wallet with only a small amount of money and old credit cards in an obvious place, then if you get pick-pocketed it won't be a big deal.
  • Carry your money in your shoes:  If you are in a high area for pick-pockets, then put your money in your shoes under your insoles.
  • Hotel safe:  Many hotels have safes and if your room does not have a safe, ask reception, they might have a safe you can put your valuables in.
  • Make copies:  Before traveling, I make copies of my passport and credit cards and give the copies to my parents who are not traveling with me.  That way if I get robbed, I will be able to recreate my information.
While it is rare, getting robbed is something that can happen when you travel, especially in crowds and in markets.

While it is rare, getting robbed is something that can happen when you travel, especially in crowds and in markets.

2.  Lost luggage No matter what, at some point, if you check luggage, the airline will lose it.  Usually you get it back, but it can be an inconvenience.
  • Pack your medication, tooth brush, underwear and a set of clothes in your carry on.
  • Wear a jacket onto the plane, you can use it if you get cold or a pillow on the plane and it is a good idea to have it in case your luggage gets lost.
3.  Motion sickness I always get sick on curving roads and on boats so I am prepared for motion sickness
  • If you know you are going on a curving road or a boat, take the motion sickness before you get on.  That way you never will get sick.
  • If you do get sick, eat saltine crackers and ginger candy, that usually helps me with my motion sickness.
I get sea sick, but taking medicine before I go on the water can help

I get sea sick, but taking medicine before I go on the water can help

4.  Bad water very common, many places do not have clean water.  Nothing can ruin a trip like get sick from the water.
  • Buy a water bottle with a water filter.  Rei has good ones.
  • Before going on your trip, see if you doctor will prescribe cipro.  This is effective if you get sick.
5.  Sun Burns Nothing can ruin a trip to the beach like a sunburn.  But sunburns can be prevented.
  • Wear a big floppy hat.  Protect your face and your neck
  • If you are going in the water, wear a rash guard shirt.  Water reflects the sun and you can get really burnt, you need to protect yourself.
  • Wear SPF clothes with long sleeves.  I know it does not seem like fun, but you should really protect your self.
  • Obviously use sunblock.
That is going to hurt! Protect yourself against sumburns.

That is going to hurt! Protect yourself against sunburns.

6.  Bed Bugs While I have never had bed bugs, I have heard stories of people getting bed bugs while traveling.  It is not necessarily from cheap hotels and can happen in nice hotels as well.
  • Leave your suitcase in the bathroom.  Bedbugs live in carpets not on tile.
  • Never put your clothes in a drawer.
  • Put your bed clothes in a sealed plastic bag when traveling.  If there is bed bugs then you want to keep your bed clothes separate from all other clothes in your suitcase.
7.  Medications
  • Check the CDC to find out what shots you need before you traveling.  This is a prevention that you should definitely take.  You do not want to take the risk.
  • If you have allergies always bring medication.  I have never been able to find allergy medications in another country without going to the doctor.
  • Bug spray, if you are going to a place with mosquitos, especially in places that they carry diseases you want to bring bug spray with a high level of DEET.  Yes I know it is bad for you, but it is not like you are using it every day of your life.
    Never ever travel without travel insurance, many things could go wrong.  You could get stuck, robbed or worst and you need travel insurance.  If you get anything from any of my blog, buy travel insurance.            

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