Well Planned Travel

Plan accordingly. Enjoy the freedom.


Welcome to the U.S. – a place that doesn’t seem to care all that much about travel. In fact, it’s the only developed nation that doesn’t require companies to pay for vacation days or holidays. On average, Americans receive 16 paid days off, which is not a lot. And sadly, 1 and 4 Americans get no vacation days at all.

This unfortunate truth, combined with my personal love of travel, is the motivation for Well Planned Travel.



I’m lucky. I get more than the average amount of days off. But it still requires an extensive amount of planning to make the most out of those days. I want you to make the most out of yours. I’m an accountant by day, a traveler by heart. And I've traveled to over 30 countries while working full-time. You can too.

Plan accordingly. Enjoy the freedom of Well Planned Travel.


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